How long have you been writing?

  • I've been writing since I was a child. In college, I wanted to major in Creative Writing and Fine Arts but in the end I focus solely on art. However, in that time I have written essays pertaining to art, nature and the secret life of objects.

Is Eliza Norris your real name?

  • Eliza Norris is my secret identity.
    Why do I need a secret identity? Well, doesn't everyone want one?
    The real answer; I have another career associated with my given name. Both are in creative fields, so I want to make it easy for my fans to find each version of me on the interwebs. 

Can we see your art?

  • I want to be honest about who I am and what I do, but for now I would like to keep my artist identity secret. However, my husband makes drawings based on the worlds I create, and I will be sharing those. 

Do you have any tips?

  • With any creative field, the real trick is making it a habit. Do it everyday, even if it's only just a little. I have a 500 word a day goal. I do this everyday. Sometimes I stop at 500, sometimes I write more. The more I do it the easier it gets.